About Us

Instyle Studio,

established in 2018, is an accessory, beauty, fashion, interior and lifestyle agency, who want's to bring and to connect great brands with European retailers and create with them a lifestyle experience and an exstanding and ultimated presence awareness with and for are lifestyle brands true are dealers. We base our activities on deep understanding of European fashion markets and dedicate ourselves in building successful sales cooperations true an even successful sales network.

Offering a diversified full business structure from B2B sales, showroom presentation, after-sale customer services and sharing our fashion industry knowledge with our fashion labels make us their trusted partner in expanding to European and non European territories and bringing like that our brands in the best position. We can relieve a lot of work out of your hands so that more concentration can be put on designing and realizing the best collections and products.

With an experienced team of Sales Managers we bring your brand, collections and products to the right stores and partners and that for a long-time partnership in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal,  Spain, Suisse and the UK. Other countries on the way.   

Are 3 first Brands 7Clouds, Margelisch and Margelisch Leather, where the 3 Brands that we get at first in portfolio and where we're very proud on.  A nice and friendly partnership, a partnership that we want to bring over to the right partners who believe like us in our brands.  We say thanks to those brands for believing in us and giving us the chance to represent them and to work with us and of course for that amazing partnership and the wonderfull products that they realize season after season.  Thanks to 7Clouds and Margelisch.

We want and are standing for service to are brands and are future new brands, but also to are stores and partners. Bringing are brands to the right stores and partners in the countries that we represent and on new territories is what we're standing for with the complete team.

Who are we?

That's easy.

We're a new born young, dynamic agency. Representing and bringin accessories, beauty, fashion & interior products, from premium till luxury brands on the European market and that true the right partners & stores.

And that for a long-term partnership and cooperation.




We promote and represent your products, collections & brand in showrooms. We look, select  and recrut for your brand the right Sales Managers to represent your products, collections & brands on the required, ordered market for you.


We create for your Brand pop-up shwrms  or permanent ones even at the other side of the world on your behalf and will than coordinate like that everything in your name so that you could relax and sit back,  and stay concentrate like that on your main duties, creating and styling from the  collections season after season.






We can and will even be presented on the relevant: accessory, fashion, interior, shoes & leather fairs for you. Helping you by representing your products, collections & brand, to the right partners, excisting as new. All that with the right presentation.

We even can organize, coordinate, create and style your stand at the fairs for you. All that with the right partners at our side.

We like to bring every brand stronger on the market so that more brand awareness is reached and brings like that your brand to the next level. Together can we look with you, what the best option is to do and search like that for the best Marketing concept for the brand as for the partners.

Ara partnerships with are stores as with are brands are for us very important, as well as the stores are important for the brands and the brands are important for the stores.  Communication is are priority.  We're there for our brands but also for are stores.  Without are stores, we're nothing. And for Instyle Studio is that great value.

If you like to work with Us as a brand or a Store, feel free to contact us and let's go for a long-time partnership between all parties. Go to are contact page and select the required e-mail for you.


Thnks for choosing us,

Instyle Studio